Candy Returns

There’s a story behind this clip: a frequent customer requested a custom video. I was able to shoot it, but during the editing process I discovered that my 16GB memory card short circuited. Two-thirds of this shoot was lost. It’s been months since then, and I still feel bad about it. So as of this post, I have given a FREE copy of this to my buddy Elvis that placed the order. Also, I’ll be putting this up at a reduced price, due to the malfunction.That being said, this is an awesome clip! Myself and Sunshine tickle the absolute crap out of Candy! We use our fingers and brushes, but she really starts to suffer when we rub oil on her soles and then scrub with the brushes. Toward the end of the clip, Sunshine tickles Candy’s sides and underarms, with Candy’s cute butt facing the camera.

Duration: 13:00

Size: 755.3MB

Dimensions: 1920×1080

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