Alice’s Debut • NFT 0001 is excited to offer the FIRST EVER Tickle Fetish NFT! What is an NFT? Think of them as digital trading cards that you can buy/sell/trade with fellow fetishists. Or hold onto your NFT and see if it will rise in value. Only, rather than owning a trading card, you own a “Moment” from our clip Alice’s First Time.

Alice’s Debut • NFT 0001 Info
Moment Taken From: Alice’s First Time
Recorded: February 2016
Length: 20 Seconds
Description: Alice’s friend is off-camera, her hand tickles Alice’s bare feet as Alice begs her friend to “please stop!”

If this first NFT drop goes well, we will be releasing more this year!

For this drop, ONLY 100 NFTs will be available!

What You Get
– Alice’s Debut NFT 0001 Token
– Alice’s Debut NFT 0001 “Moment” Clip
– Link to download “Alice’s First Time” FULL clip

Note: Purchasing a “Moment” does not give you, the end-user, the right to distribute the full 10-minute clip. Rights to sale and rebroadcast of the full clip is retained by The end-user owns the 20-second “Moment” in the form of an NFT, and may sell or trade that NFT as they see fit.

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